Promote Safe Storage and Disposal of Opioids and all Medications
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Help Save Lives: Co-Prescribe Naloxone to Patients at Risk of Overdose
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Thinking of Prescribing an Opioid? Did You Check Your State Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?

The AAP has been a member and active participant in the AMA’s Task Force to Reduce Opioid Abuse. The AAP is involved in the task force’s efforts to:
• educate physicians about safe opioid prescribing practices;
• educate state policymakers about the importance of effective prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs);
• educate physicians about the importance of using PDMPs; and
• encourage widespread community access of naloxone.

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Medicine Abuse Project

The AAP is a partner in this campaign, which was launched in 2012 by The Partnership at The Medicine Abuse Project aims to curb the abuse of medicine. The Web site houses a suite of comprehensive resources tailored to parents, health professionals, educators, and community leaders, to help them learn about and address the problem.

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State and National Fact Sheets

Access state-by-state and national fact sheets that examine the intersection of the opioid epidemic, child welfare systems, and child health. These fact sheets also offer policy solutions that can support vulnerable children and families at both the state and federal level.

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The Nation’s Opioid Epidemic — Continued Advocacy Needed to Turn the Tide
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Webinar Series: Pediatric Opioid Issues and Prevention Techniques
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Research-Based Clinical Strategies to Prevent and Address Adolescent Substance Use and Prescription Medication Misuse

The AAP was part of a coalition of medical professional organizations that developed this free online course. It is offered through two 30-minute sections and encourages prevention strategies for adolescents reporting no substance use and offers guidance for how to address substance use at all levels—from mild, to moderate, to severe. It also discusses safe prescribing practices and evidence-based treatments for teens with a substance use disorder. Brief clinician videos provide insights and tips to incorporate into practice.

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