Increased PDMP use
Decreased opioid prescriptions
Enhanced naloxone access
Increased MAT access
24.8% Decrease in Opioid Prescriptions: 2013-2018

Physician education and training resources

The AMA encourages physicians to access the following education and training resources to help end your state’s opioid epidemic. Oklahoma physicians and other health care professionals checked the state PDMP nearly 5.5 million times in 2016.

Opioid Prescribing 2017: CMC Opioid Guidelines

Turbulent Times

Presentation by Scott Anthony, DO

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Mary Anne McCaffree, MD: How doctors changed prescribing patterns to combat opioid abuse.
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Oklahoma Emergency Department and Urgent Care Clinic Opioid Prescribing Guidelines

Oklahoma State Government

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Opioid prescribing guidelines: For Oklahoma health care providers in the office-based setting

Oklahoma State Government

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